Eating cookies is very heart whelming. It gives pleasure to us because of the sweet and chocolaty taste it has. But then, buying chocolate chip cookies or any type of cookies is expensive in grocery stores. So instead of spending much, you can actually bake cookies at your house instead. But if you are not good at baking, then you can actually order cookies online. On those sites, you can buy the best cookies in Las Vegas.

Cookie baking is very easy as long as the ingredients are available and accessible to get. The process of making such cookies is also easy. You can search for recipes of cookies online or you can also watch videos at for your to be taught on the step by step process of cookie baking.

But what if you don’t have the equipment in baking? Well, that would not be a problem. You can actually bake cookies from scratch. You can even use a Frying Pan instead if ovens are not available.

The main ingredients in cookie baking are flour, butter, sugar, milk baking powder and soda, vegetable shortening, eggs, vanilla extract and many more. You can even make experiments in combining flavors for your cookie. But you can also bake the most popular cookie recipes such as peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookie, gingerbread cookies, snickerdoodle, whoopie pie, and more.

So how will you be able to bake cookies using a frying pan? Here are the methods on how you will bake cookies in a frying pan.


1. Combine all the wet ingredients and dry ingredients.

  • After getting all the ingredients of cookies, you should first combine the ingredients according to its type. All wet ingredients must be mixed together in a bowl and the dry ingredients must be mixed in another bowl. Through this, you can be sure that the ingredients are mixed very well. If available you can mix the ingredients through using a hand mixer but if not, a whisk can also be used.

2. Look for a non-stick pan.

  • Using a genuine non-stick pan is much more ideal than a regular pan. It is because this pan has qualities that prevent the dough from sticking into the pan.

3. Use butter to prevent cookies from sticking.

  • If a non-stick pan is not available then a regular frying pan can do as well as you apply butter or oil into the surface in the pan. Butter and oil have a component of liquid that let the cookie dough slide to it.

4. Set the stove into low heat.

  • Before baking cookies in a frying pan, you must set the stove in a low heat first for you to prevent burning the cookie dough or under-cooking it.

5. Set time for cooking

  • Time is always precious. As well as the temperature of the heat, setting time when baking is also important because it allows you to know if the cookie is still under cooked or maybe over cooked.
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