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Welcome to Mesereau & Yu, LLP
Criminal, Medical Board & Civil Trial Lawyers

Mesereau and Yu are top trial lawyers specializing in tough federal and state criminal, civil and medical board trials. They are well known for winning extremely complex and difficult cases for the wealthy and the poor. As federal and state criminal lawyers and medical board lawyers in Los Angeles and in other venues, they have acquitted many high-profile and innocent clients in what many consider "impossible" cases. As federal civil trial lawyers, they represent a publicly-traded company and wealthy individuals in high-stakes litigation, including antitrust, copyright and related intellectual property disputes.

Their winning record is as diverse as their clients. They have acquitted a high-profile realtor in a tough federal white-collar criminal trial. They have acquitted a prominent medical doctor in a difficult medical board trial. They have acquitted the late Michael Jackson in the highly-televised 5-month criminal trial. They have won a complicated civil real estate fraud trial for the First Lady of Gabon, Africa who is the mother of the country’s current President. They have won a criminal dismissal for a publicly traded Oil Pipeline Company. They have won a criminal dismissal for a high-profile race car driver. They have won numerous murder, sexual assault, and other non-white collar cases.

Dedicated to providing excellent legal services and quality representation, the firm is committed to both the immediate and long-term needs of its highly diverse and select clientele. The firm’s clientele spans the gamut from wealthy individuals and corporations to the poor. As such, the firm handles a wide variety of tough federal criminal trials, state criminal trials, medical board trials or hearings, as well as complex and difficult federal and state civil trials.

As federal and civil trial lawyers, medical board lawyers and federal and state criminal lawyers in Los Angeles and in other venues, Mesereau and Yu try cases in federal courts, state courts, and the Office of Administrative Hearings.

Their practice includes, but is not limited to, federal copyright, federal securities fraud, federal immigration fraud, federal investment fraud, federal mortgage fraud (e.g., federal bank fraud, federal wire fraud, federal mail fraud, federal conspiracy, federal aiding and abetting, federal false statements to financial institutions, federal bribery, federal corruption); medical board trials (e.g., representation of medical doctors or physicians who are facing revocation, suspension or discipline of medical licenses for standard of care violations, billing fraud, insurance fraud, healthcare fraud, record keeping violations, boundary violations, sex with patients, sexual harassment, unprofessional conduct, dishonesty, and all other common medical board allegations); state felony crimes (e.g., death penalty, first degree murder, second degree murder, manslaughter, rape, statutory rape, molestation, and white-collar crimes, such as fraud, embezzlement, theft, forgery); and complex civil trials in state courts (e.g., business fraud, breach of contract and related garden-variety business disputes).

Attorneys Tom Mesereau and Susan Yu are often asked to travel around the United States to lecture on various subjects, including trial strategies, the legal profession and civil rights. The firm's philosophy centers on providing exceptional representation to all members of American society.

In Memory of Michael Jackson

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